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Zoning Systems


What is zoning?


At Etheridge Heating and Air we are ready to design a whole house system which can provide you the controls you need to regulate climate differences throughout your home. 


A zoning system provides a solution for homeowners looking to improve interior comfort and energy efficiency. Instead of having one central thermostat that controls the HVAC system, zoning systems are divided areas, or “zones,” based on a home’s square footage and layout.


Most houses have two to four zones, each of which is controlled via its own dampers and thermostat. The dampers open and close depending on a particular zone’s thermostat setting, maintaining optimal comfort without excess energy.

Is your home a good candidate for a zoning system?


These are some of the cases where zoning makes sense:


  • Multilevel homes – It’s very difficult to maintain consistent interior temperature and overall energy efficiency in a large home with a single zone system when the home has more than one level. Upper levels tend to be hotter in the summer, and rooms with southern exposure are warmer than those with northern or eastern exposure. Zoned systems place each level or section of your home in their own zone so temperatures are more accurately controlled.


  • Unique architectural designs – Structural accents such as vaulted ceilings or wall-to-wall windows pose unique challenges to traditional HVAC systems. Placing these areas of the home on their own zone will save energy and enhance year-round comfort.


  • Custom-made temperature preferences – A zoning system will allow separate bedrooms or living spaces to be on their own zone, so one person can enjoy a chiller bedroom while those who like it warmer can enjoy their ideal temperature without fighting for the thermostat.


If you’d like to get more information about zoning systems or want to know if your house is a good candidate – give us a call at Etheridge Heating & Air.



The best way to have your questions answered is with a personal in-home consultation. Contact us today for a free visit and let our courteous professionals give you a peace of mind.

Zoning Systems
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