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Frequently Asked Questions:



Too Hot Here, Too Cold There...


The most common complaint during winter months is that people have very hot and very cold spots in their house, although the furnace is running as supposed. These hot and cold spots around your home can make you very uncomfortable. You can make sure the temperatures in your home stay consistent with these simple steps:


Improve The Air Circulation

Make sure that none of your air registers are obstructed by furniture or curtains, or closed. A closed or blocked register can leave a whole room too cold or hot. Closing registers in some rooms that are less used might seem like a good way to save on your bills, but in fact it just creates an airflow imbalance that places strain on your HVAC system.

Use your ceiling fans even when your AC or furnace is running. Set the fan blades to spin clockwise in winter – this will prevent warm air from pooling at the ceiling.


Check Your HVAC System

Blockage in the ducts can hinder with airflow, creating cold and hot spots. If you notice that air is not coming from a register, look inside the duct behind it for obstructing objects or contact a technician for a duct inspection.

If you have too few return ducts or return air paths installed in your home it can diminish airflow and cause temperature imbalances. A technician can inspect your system and install more if necessary.

An oversized HVAC system can cause uneven temperatures by blowing out big amounts of air fast then shutting off - so the air doesn’t have time to circulate adequately. Consider upgrading to an appropriately sized system with current technology that provides better air circulation if your system is more than 10 years old.


How can I get the highest level of efficiency from my air conditioner?


- The furnace filter should be cleaned or replaced once a month during the cooling season. Lack of cleaning the filters will result in dirty filters which can create a frost-up condition and damage the seal system. 

- Make sure all hot air registers in the basement are closed and that all registers and air return outlets on the upper floors are open and free of obstructions. This will ensure enhanced air flow. 

- If you have a by-pass humidifier installed on your furnace, make sure that the damper is closed. This will help prevent improper circulation of cool air.

- In order to ensure efficiency, the outside condensing unit should be free of dead leaves and grass. In addition any other covering such as a winter cover (if any) should be removed.



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